Donating 100% profit from these products to WIRES, Wildlife Rescue of Australia.

Products now being featured in Artsy Style will hopefully have an impact in providing funding where much needed following the unprecedented bushfires which have destroyed an unheard of number of wildlife as well as devoured their habitat in Australia.

@ArtsyStyle artist and site owner Suzanne was raised, as many Australians are, to have a deep respect for our land, and hopes to help save many lives of now endangered species and help continue to spread awareness of our responsibility to the planet.

For more information about WIRES - Wildlife Rescue of Australia and the work ahead of them and what they're doing, please visit: https://www.wires.org.au/blog

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One more thing, here's a quick lesson on how to say g'day you might want to practice, before you take a trip to Australia!
First, make a big smile with teeth showing, then with jaws separated a little, say the word "g'day." That's it, bet you'll sound true blue!

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