Watches - Size Guide

Generally watch sizes breakdown like this:
 Less than 34mm – Small
      34mm – 38mm – Midsize
        39mm – 42mm – Standard
            43mm – 46mm – XL/Oversize
Women’s watches tend to be <38mm
Men’s watches usually range between 38mm to 46mm
    If your wrist is under 6" would normally be 36mm and under.
    For 6 to 7 inches in circumference, one may typically go with 38mm, 40mm and 42mm watch cases. If wrist circumference is 7.5 to 8 inches, can be looking at 44mm to 46mm watch cases. These recommendations are based off of the modern trend of larger timepieces.

    And along with self-expression and choice of personal identification,
    while tastes have gravitated towards watch styles with a larger case,
    ultimately the “correct” size comes down to personal preference.
      Note: this diagram is for a rough idea. Slight variations occur based on style.